Local Food 11/21/2009

Saturday was the last weekend for our market.  They will be open noon-4pm on Wednesday to sell baked goods and last minute vegetables for the holiday, but then it’s oven until May.  Sigh.  

Veggies! Since I was worried about being able to fit everything for Thanksgiving into my fridge already, I restricted myself to buying things that I actually needed for the week instead of my usual craziness and experimentation.  I got a dozen eggs for various baked goods, gala apples for stuffing/dressing, broccoli for the loaded baked potato soup, and potatoes for the soup and mashed potatoes.  

And, yes, I did manage to fit everything into the fridge after grocery shopping today.  Phew!  (Well, I did have to put some stuff into Lance’s Pepsi fridge…)