Local Food 10/17/2009

Sadly we missed the last two weeks of the market due to other obligations.  Our farmer, however, is awesome and gave us a full share of veggies to compensate!  As you will see, we’re knee deep in green stuff as the market season slows.  We’ve only got two weeks of the CSA left and, I think, three weeks beyond that of the market.  
Green Stuff Our CSA box started with a huge amount of baby boy choi, two buttercup squashes, and a pound of so of turnips that you can see peeking out in the upper right.

Green Stuff The pile of greens in the back of the picture is kale.  Going clockwise I’ve also got eggplant, a heaping pile of dill and parsley, Chinese long beans, and eggs.  I’ve already got ideas for stir-fry bouncing around in my head.  

Green Stuff In the front of this picture you can see two lovely bunches of radishes.  Beyond those are green tomatoes and two bags full of salad greens!  It’s so great to see salad back in our box!

More Green Stuff And last, but not least, we also received sweet potatoes, hot and sweet peppers, and a fair amount of Tatsoi.  

Not Green Stuff Elsewhere at the market we got regular potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, two jars of jam, and acorn squash.  

Now I just need to figure out what to do with it all!