Menu 1/1/2017

When creating my goals for 2017, I identified cooking (and blogging) to be an Area of Concern.  To address this, I came up with three goals to work toward:

  1. Pick one physical cookbook when meal planning each week and choose at least one recipe from that book for the week’s plan
  2. Blog all (recipes cooked from cookbooks
  3. Blog all weekly meal plans

So here goes nothing!  I’ll be including the cookbook in my weekly meal plan post and I’ll post the (recipes later on in the week, after I’ve cooked them.  I hope that these goals will help me get back in the habit of blogging both (recipes and meal plans.  I’m going to start with a pretty low bar and probably skip the picture thing.  If I do include pictures, they’ll be taken with my phone at the table without even an attempt at “prettiness.”  Sorry, not sorry.  I think pictures might require some investigation on my part because I believe that Picasa is no longer a viable photo host.  So.. we’ll see.  For now I just want to get back in the habit of putting words on the screen.  

  1. food out on way home from movies
  2. bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken (RFES), asparagus
  3. frozen thing in slow cooker
  4. FFS
  5. out due to kitchen painting
  6. [one-pan paprika chicken with potatoes and tomatoe](http://www.simply(
  7. slow-cooker cassoulet out due to kitchen painting

  8. (lunches) omega sardine salad (RFES)

I chose Run Fast. Eat Slow. as my first cookbook for 2017.  As with many “new” cookbooks, I found it rather lackluster.  Not a lot of the (recipes called to me, not a lot fit in with my way of eating, and it just didn’t feel super exciting.  Perhaps I’m just jaded?  I don’t know.  It’s a nice cookbook - lots of options for varying diets such as veg*n, gluten free, dairy free, etc.  Just not very thrilling for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of grains.  

My kitchen is getting painted (OMG YAY!!!) at the end of the week, so I planning on not being able to use it for that night.  I’ve also got my winter term class and a court appearance of unknown length due to an assault I witnessed a few months ago.  It should be an interesting week!  

I am dubious about my ability to find duck legs for meal #7, but my backup plan is to use bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs.  I’m also planning on using boneless, skinless chicken thighs in meal #6.  As often happens when I’m meal planning, I don’t notice trending ingredients - I had not intended for this to be such a chicken heavy week!