Menu 9/13/2015

  1. tandoori lamb meatloafsmokey roasted cauliflower
  2. potato and sausage casserole
  3. leftover night
  4. [pollo al marsala](, [sicilian eggplant and pine nut caponata](
  5. leftover night
  6. italian ziti bake
  7. slow cooker corned beef, garlicky sautéed cabbage, rye bread

It’s amazing how much quicker meal planning seems now that I’ve made a second night a leftover night due to college constraints.  Meal 1 is a holdover from last week.  The rest of the meals are planned around the various vegetables I picked up at the farmers market this weekend.  

The ziti bake isn’t something that I’d normally make these days, but the guys love pasta and it’ll be easy enough for me to put some of the non-pasta ingredients in a smaller dish and bake them up just for me.