Menu 9/6/2015

  1. quiches from freezer
  2. chicken (one pack frozen breasts, one pack thighs), frozen fajita veg, frozen sour cream, frozen enchilada sauce, canned beans, frozen cheese, tortillas (I have no name for this, but it will be delicious.)  
  3. leftover night
  4. one-pan pork tenderloin with green beans and potatoes
  5. leftover night
  6. tandoori lamb meatloafsmokey roasted cauliflower This was a bad day, we ate out instead.
  7. cinnamon slow cooker chicken, bag salad

And this begins the new schedule of two leftover nights a week.  Now that I’m in college, I’m going to have less time to cook and the family consensus was to add a second leftover night on my other class night.  I’ll do slow cooker meals on that night when necessary but, otherwise, we’ll just eat leftovers.  We’ve had more leftovers than we know what to do with most of the time, so this should be a good plan.  

In addition to dinners, I’ll be baking some sweet potatoes and freezing them for later use.  I’m thinking spicy tuna cakes from nom nom paleo.  I’ll also be making spicy cheddar shortbread and barbecue sauce to take to a labor day party.  The first recipe since I saw it recently and thought it looked delicious, and the second so that there’s bbq sauce I can actually eat.