Local Food 7/24/2010


Our CSA box was full of beautiful vegetables this week! Lots of brilliant colours too, the tomatoes look like little jewels.  We received a purple cabbage, white eggplants, hot peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, white onions and a large zucchini which I hope will be turned into zucchini bread.  The box also had a cantaloupe which I traded for some garlic due to that whole fructose issue.  I hope I’ll be able to use at least some of it before I go on my trip.

Peach Stuff

I wasn’t planning on getting anything else, but there were some peaches calling Art’s name and he promised me that he’d eat them before they went bad.  I also picked up a jar of peach chutney!  One of our awesome farmers, Sue, is always trying out new things to can and I’m always buying them.  I’ll be making samosas at some point in the future when I’m home again.  I can’t wait.