Local Food 9/19/2009

CSA Stuff Lots of green in our box this week!  Starting at the top is a bag of mustard greens.  Then I’ve got wax beans, radishes, eggplant, okra, hot and sweet peppers, and baby bok choy.  Right in the middle is an acorn squash!  I love winter squashes.  Not as much as I love tomatoes, but I still love them.

Veggies My freezer is currently stuffed, so I can’t get anymore tomatoes for roasting.  Sigh.  I did get some small tomatoes for salads and guacamole plus some larger ones for burgers and Caprese.  Since I only got one acorn squash in my CSA box, I picked up another one so that all three of us could have a half.  Then I picked up onions, tomatoes, and summer squash.  

I also got eggs this week, but completely forgot to get a picture of them.