Thanksgiving 2011 Recap

This Thanksgiving is officially in the books and, I’m quite happy to say, it was a success.  We had a fantastic time with my parents.  We ate and chatted on Thursday.  We ate more, chatted more, and saw the new Muppet movie on Friday.  Then we ate more and chatted even more on Saturday before they headed home.  Much fun was had by all.  :D

We had a few new additions to the Thanksgiving menu this year.  I opted to ditch the old desserts and try something new with Molten Chocolate Cakes.  We didn’t get to them on Thursday, since we were all full, but my mom and I made them Friday and they were enjoyed by all.  Definitely a keeper of a recipe and perhaps even a new tradition!  I also made Baked French Toast for Friday’s breakfast which was a new recipe for all of us and it was greatly enjoyed as well.  While it might not be a keeper for Thanksgiving, since I like to try new things, it will definitely be a keeper in general. 

The turkey was our best yet.  Last year I felt that we overcooked the turkey (or first heritage one) just a little bit so I switched the rotation times from 30 minutes down to 20 minutes.  The result was a perfect, juicy, awesome turkey.  Total perfection.  I didn’t get any pictures of it, since I didn’t take any pictures this Thanksgiving, but it totally trumped Turkey 2010

Our Thanksgiving wasn’t all perfect, sadly.  On Monday the 21st we had to say goodbye to our beloved companion of 12 years.  Rest in peace, Möbius, you were the best dog in the whole world and we’re so thankful for everything you added to our lives.  Sorry we couldn’t share one last turkey with you.