Menu 9/14/2014

  1. grilled steaks w/ roasted red kuri squash
  2. chicken shwarma with tahini sauce w/ bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, and grilled bread salad
  3. coq au vin kebabs w/ roasted potato salad
  4. crispy curried chicken w/ indian-style zucchini
  5. leftover night
  6. stir fried beef with mushrooms and butter w/ rice w/ fried eggplant from this recipe
  7. slow cooker lazy ground beef curry w/ rice

This should be a tasty week!  I'm hoping to use up all of the veggies that I got at the market this week as well as one of the winter squashes that has been hanging around the kitchen divider.  Hopefully I'll also generate enough food to take care of our leftover needs.  

This is a pretty chicken heavy week which is unusual these days both because we have so much cow in the freezer and because chicken hasn't been sitting too well in my stomach.  I'm hopeful that the chicken recipes I have chosen will work out well.  They certainly look super tasty!  

Menu 9/7/2014

  1. grilled steak w/ corn on the cob
  2. mom’s chicken w/ italian style eggplant parmesan
  3. zucchini, bacon, and gruyere quiche
  4. A&G out, L fends for himself
  5. leftover night
  6. grilled hamburgers w/ sweet potato fries w/ aioli
  7. chipotle

I'm running very low on leftovers so I hope that meals 2 and 3 will restock the fridge adequately.  I'm not sure about meal 7 yet because A and I will be going to the beer and bacon festival that day and I'm not sure when we'll be getting home or if it will be too late to cook, or what.  That might be a Wawa night or something.  We'll see!  

I've got a lot of veggies to use up and I'm still having to put the winter squash off until next week since I forgot about not cooking for meal 4 this week when I was planning my veg purchases!

Menu 8/31/2014

  1. spicy beef and bell pepper stir fry
  2. fajitas
  3. grilled steaks w/ compound butter w/ grilled eggplant with tahini sauce
  4. tater tot casserole w/ cucumber and tomato salad with marinated garbanzo beans
  5. leftover night
  6. G out of town, A&L fend for themselves
  7. G out of town, A&L fend for themselves

This week.  Argh.  I was not thinking clearly when I was at the farmers market and bought way too much veg, completely forgetting that I’m only able to cook dinner four nights this week!  Thankfully the winter squashes and sweet potatoes will hold until next week, so I was able to ignore those in my planning.  

We also had an unexpected bounty of cow come our way.  Our farmer had a customer back out of a cow order at the last minute so she asked us if we wanted 1/4 cow to help her out with freezer space.  Our freezer, as I’ve mentioned, is quite spare, so we were happy to help her out.  The downside is that we weren’t able to pick the cuts, like we normally do.  The upside is that we now have a freezer full of delicious cow.  Of course our freezer doesn’t really have anything aside from cow.. so I’ve asked the guys to promise to tell me before they get sick of eating it every night.  (I assume that future weeks will have more variety with animal proteins, but I only had four meals to plan this week!)  

Lots of the cow came in steak form, so I predict lots of “grilled steak” nights in the future.  


Menu 8/24/2014

  1. smoked ribs w/ roasted acorn squash w/ bbq sauce
  2. greek chicken salad (feta on the side) 
  3. meatballs w/ pasta w/ sauce w/ zucchini parmesan loaf
  4. grilled flank steak w/ charred pepper steak sauce w/ grilled eggplant with tahini sauce
  5. glazed pork tenderloin w/ zucchini and yellow squash gratin
  6. grilled burgers w/ crispy smashed potatoes
  7. fish/chicken taco cabbage bowl

Lots of new and exciting recipes this week.  I can’t wait!  I hope I’m up to the challenge of all of this cooking.  

These recipes are planned around the slew of vegetables that I picked up at the farmers market this week - summer squashes, acorn squash, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, and eggplant.  Delicious!  Art also picked the pork tenderloin and flank steak from our dwindling supply of meat in the freezer.  

I’m hoping it will be a very tasty, if very adventuresome, week!

Menu 8/17/2014

  1. G&A out of town, L fends for himself
  2. eggs, bacon, cheese, salsa, tortillas
  3. pigs in blankets w/ small salads out
  4. coconut curry shrimp/chicken w/ rice
  5. brazilian chicken curry w/ rice
  6. G&A state fair, L fends for himself
  7. ribs w/ TBD

This isn’t the most exciting of meal plans, but it’s what I’ve got in me in the time I have.  Two curries!  I’ll probably split them up so they’re not two nights in a row, but I might not - we do all love curry!  

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be serving with the ribs on Saturday, but I’m sure they will be cooked on the Big Green Egg and that they’ll be delicious.  The side will probably depend on what veg I get at the farmers market that morning.  

There isn’t a lot of fresh veg in this meal plan because I was out of town over the weekend so couldn’t get to the market.  Sad times.  I’ll get extra to make up for it this coming weekend!  


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