Menu 7/27/2014

  1. spaghetti squash sausage lasagna boats
  2. mexican stuffed bell peppers w/ yellow rice
  3. lazy layered eggplant w/ pasta
  4. roast beef hash
  5. top round roast beef w/ oven-roasted tomato caprese salad
  6. roast pork with dijon glaze w/ oven roasted garlic cabbage
  7. fajitas

lunches – spicy tuna cakes

I got a ton of delicious produce at the market this week!  Zucchini, eggplant, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and cabbage!  Every meal this week will use some delicious veggie.  

Art also picked a fresh pork roast and a top round roast to use in this week’s cooking, and a number of the recipes use various ground meats.  I need to actually check to make sure I’ve still got a supply of the meats I’ll need!  I know we’ve still got ground cow, but I’m not sure about the others. 

Hopefully this will be a super tasty week in food.   I'm super excited about the spicy tuna cakes!

Menu 7/20/2014

  1. A&G out, L fends for himself – twice baked small potatoes
  2. halupki stirfry
  3. philly cheeseteak stuffed bell peppers
  4. pesto chicken w/ zucchini with tomatoes and red bell pepper
  5. carne asada w/ skillet mexican zucchini
  6. spicy cumin lamb skewers w/ citrus rice salad
  7. out with mom and dad

I’m excited about this week of food already and I haven’t even finished cooking the last meal from last week’s plan!  I think I might just be really hungry right now.  

This meal plan is based mainly around the produce we got at the farmers market - small bell peppers, zucchini, a large bell pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, and potatoes.  It also involves a few cuts of meat from the freezer - ground stuff, flank steak, and a leg of lab.  Hopefully it will all be delicious.  

For meal 1, Art and I will be going over to a friend’s house for dinner and we’ll be taking along a potato side dish.  I tried to pick one that would reheat well upon arrival!  Hopefully I have succeeded.  

On a side note, can you all believe that we're 2/3 of the way through July already?!  Yikes.  How did that happen.  

Menu 7/13/2014

  1. meaty eggplant/zucchini parmesan (from Joy of Cooking)
  2. slow cooker corned beef w/ frizzled cabbage
  3. slow cooker red wine braised short ribs w/ roasted tomato, zucchini and smoked cheese casserole
  4. ground beef coconut curry w/ rice
  5. leftover night
  6. yogurt parmesan baked chicken w/ oregano roasted beets with garlic scapes
  7. baltimore pit beef w/ rolls, tiger sauce, sweet onions

This week involves a lot of beef.  I think it’s because we just happen to have a heck of a lot of beef in the freezer at the moment and it’s all in front of the other meats we have in there.  This week also involves a lot of veg.  I have all the veg from this week to use up (eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, and tomato) plus veg from last week that still needs to get used up as well (beets and scapes).  Lots of veggies.  They’re my weakness.  

Hopefully I’ll be able to cook all of these things with no trouble, I feel like some of the meals might be a little over-zealous on my part.  But I’ll do my best!  I need to remember to do meal #3 on Tuesday since that’s a slow morning for me.  

Menu 7/6/2014

  1. szechuan green beans with pork w/ rice
  2. amazing baked mustard chicken w/ cabbage and potato gratin with sage
  3. szechwan eggplant and pork stir-fry w/ rice
  4. slow cooker chicken - G: out of town, A&L: fend for themselves
  5. G: out of town, A&L: fend for themselves
  6. out
  7. grilled steaks w/ sauteed zucchini w/ roasted potatoes tossed with garlic scape pesto

This isn't a finished meal plan yet since I can't think beyond Wednesday right now.  I'll be out of town at the end of the week to help my parents out and, before I go, I'm trying to cook up some double batches of good stuff so that the guys will have sufficient food to tide themselves over.  For some strange reason two of the three meals I planned involve ground pork in stir-fry form.  I'll also be putting a chicken into the slow cooker before I leave on Wednesday so that the guys will have an easy meal that night for dinner along with whatever sides they can find in the fridge.  

Hopefully things will work out well.  

This meal plan uses up a bunch of veggies from the market - green onions, green beans, cabbage, potato, and japanese eggplant. I'll also be making a lunch-type salad to use up cucumbers and tomatoes.  

Menu 6/29/2014

  1. G: out of town, A&L: fend for themselves
  2. G: out of town, A&L: fend for themselves
  3. G: out of town, A&L: fend for themselves
  4. out (sushi!)
  5. mom’s chicken w/ amatriciana
  6. spaghetti sauce w/ pasta
  7. grilled burgers w/ chicken kebabs w/ potato salad w/ balsamic zucchini

I was unexpectedly out of town at the beginning of this week (and the end of last week) due to my dad having some health issues and my parents needing my help.  I did cook while there but those meals don't go on my meal plan.  Sorry!  There is a ham recipe that my dad has requested I revisit, so I should make that at home at some point so I can finally post the recipe!  And then I won't need to google it every time my dad requests it.  

We're having company over for meal 7, which is when we'll do out celebratory grilling.  I thought it would be fun to make the chicken bacon paste kebabs again and that the kebabs would be better than whole chicken breasts since it would be easier for people to have just a few pieces of chicken instead of an entire breast.  The veg will probably be something easy with zucchini like grilled zucchini or some roasted parmesan zukes.  Whatever, it'll be tasty.  I'll make the potato salad without egg since one of our friends is anti-egg.  

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